This week we had the great opportunity to witness the landing of the Perseverance onto the planet Mars and I thought back to the day of the first landing onto the moon back in 1969. Both events landed shivers into my soul and a tear to my eye. Great achievements occasionally awaken the soul and revives thought to peaceful solutions.

Twenty-Twenty as Earth’s aliens know was challenging and an awakening. Not only was a global health pandemic ravaging all nations but another global awakening of justice prevailed into the mainstream of societies throughout nations. Racial equality within walls of nations was observed and came to life again. We do have a dream. A dream of peace on earth and all nations races of peoples, religions, and organizing coming together and working as one. One. One world, one soul. Time passes and the river rolls on with or without reckonings of a “Good Orderly Direction”.

I myself being of a minority knows the inequality of injustice. As a mixed-race man of Native American and Caucasian, my soul has witnessed. As a child, the TV program after school that I watched was called “The Big Show”. This title opened my eyes to a larger picture and a larger dream that still is alive today. This is a neighborhood, a world, a universe that we all must share if we are to keep years of generations that will come to life, alive and working, sharing and accepting where we are to go and will go.

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