We still have a dream.

I’m done caring about what everyone thinks about my life and what I should do. I’m not going to let fear keep me from doing what I always wanted to do- chase my dreams. Sure, I’ve made excuses all my life and told myself all the reasons why I couldn’t do something, but I was just lying to myself.I was too afraid of failing, of what others might think or stepping outside my comfort zone.No more. I’ve lost my voice and my passion somewhere along the way and it’s time to reclaim everything I’ve lost, Piece by piece. I know my journey won’t happen overnight and it won’t be easy, but I’m not going to rest until I start living my purpose. I’ve let the “what ifs” rule my life for too long and it’s left my soul empty and my spirit listless. So I’m done with simply existing or surviving my days, I’m making a choice today to start a new chapter and fresh beginning. I’m taking back my power, turning my setbacks into a comeback and not letting other people or fear keep me from evolving into the best me that I can be. Dreams don’t have deadlines and I know that changing my life is a process, but it’s all up to me and the choices I make. So, I’m going to stop listening to all the people who hold me back and I’m going to break out of the boxes and definition of what I “should be.”Truthfully, I know I’ll be afraid of failure and not knowing what the next steps will be..But the beautiful thing about life is that I don’t have to understand all the answers, just own my experience and never give up. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, just that pushing forward is more important. So, I’m closing the chapters on the me that I used to be and I’m open the pages to the person I should have become a long time ago. My happiness matters more than the opinions of others or following the crowd. I know I’m going to fall, stumble and hit rock bottom before I truly find my wings and learn how to fly. I choose all the things that I never could before: I choose passion to fill my soul.I choose happiness to fill my heart. I choose courage to follow my dreams. I’ll rise, I’ll fall and I’ll turn broken chances into new opportunities..But most of all, I’ll be listening to my heart and living with me purpose. My legacy will be many things, but they’ll never say I didn’t have the fire to forge a new beginning. And the most beautiful part of all. It starts today, with me.|ravenwolf

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